Mchale 998 wrappers & handlers now in stock, please contact you Oliver Landpower area sales manager now for all your Mchale requirements.

The McHale 998 square bale wrapper is the versatile high output solution for wrapping square bales. It is capable of wrapping 80 – 100 bales per hour.

Common sense design, quality components and precision engineering make the 998 square bale wrapper the trusted choice for contractors and farmers who demand high output and consistent performance in all conditions and terrain.

The 998 is a unique square bale wrapper and it has the ability to move three bales at one time through its conveyor system. The 998 square bale wrapper can:

  1. Load one square bale onto the front conveyor.
  2. Move a second square bale from the front conveyor into the wrapping position.
  3. Eject the last wrapped square bale off the back of the 998 square bale wrapper.