SUMO Cultivation Machinery

SUMO UK Ltd is a UK company specialising in the design and manufacturer of innovative cultivation & drilling equipment. 
British designed and British built, all machines start life at their Melbourne Factory in East Yorkshire.

The SUMO Trio has gained the reputation as the UK’s number 1 one-pass stubble cultivator. As the name suggests, the Trio comprises of three parts, each of these finely tuned to create a seedbed from stubble in one pass, an objective achieved by the vast majority of users.

Initial cultivations, to a depth of 400mm, is by shearpin-protected or auto-reset ultra-low draught subsoiler legs with carbide-tipped Concord quick-change points mounted in a staggered pattern on a heavy-duty toolbar with a 350mm forward stagger.

These are followed by a double row of 500 mm diameter concave cultivating and mixing discs mounted in pairs on independently suspended arms in a dedicated frame, the finished seedbed created by a patented Multipacka: a 509 x 10 mm barrel with shouldered rings and drive lugs provides a total diameter of 760 mm. Tried and tested ring shoulders have a convex shape next to the barrel, creating consolidation and cracking even on top of the ridge.

The Trio is available in 2.5m to 3.5m widths in its mounted configuration and 3.0m to 6.5m in trailed version.

The Quatro joins the Trio incorporating four working elements mounted in a rigid ‘Tri-box’ chassis design are hydraulically adjustable, independently, so can be used in various configurations and tuned to create the ideal finish in the most challenging of conditions: disc-tine-disc-Multipacka for trashy stubbles requiring a fine finish; tine-disc-Multipacka for clean stubbles; disc-disc-Mulitpacka for shallow, high speed cultivations; or tine-Multipacka for low disturbance soil loosening and oilseed rape seeding.

Also in the SUMO Cultivation range is the LDS Low Disturbabce Cultivator, the GLS Grassland Subsoiler, arable subsoiler and front weight boxes.

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SUMO Drills

Sumo is now leading the way in the drills market too, with the DTS (Deep Tillage Seeder) attracting huge interest from farmers wanting to move to strip till drilling. The DD (Direct Drill) is designed for zero-till establishment, and the addition of both a DTS and DD Toolbars offer a more flexible solution to crop establishment.

Other equipment includes the SDO (Single Disc Opener), Sumoseeder and Front Hopper, all designed to complement the SUMO range of cost saving machinery.

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