Larrington Trailers

The Larrington name has been synonymous with agricultural trailers since 1965, today Larrington produce some of the best quality, robust and innovative trailers on the market. The range consists of the tipping trailers, flat trailers, ejector trailers, box loading trailers and towing dollies.

The Harvester – 11–18 tonne capacity

The trailer’s half-pipe body shape helps the load leave the trailer, reducing the tipping angle required to empty the trailer, and making unloading easier and faster.

The Harvester retains many of the “Larrington features” including the swivel drawbar stand, three hole adjustment of the drawbar, and wood blocks to cushion the body onto the chassis. 6mm floor and 4mm sides, one piece full length, strength without internal cross welds and joins which can damage soft crops like potatoes when leaving the trailer. LED lights, the Larrington “eye” and full length mudguards are all standard and rollover sheet, side ladder, and LED body lighting are all available.

The Majestic – 15-20 Tonnes capacity

High capacity grain and beet trailers have been the core of the Larrington Trailer business for over 40 years. The latest trailers incorporate the “M” super strong and lightweight chassis. This strength means that when tipping at 60° the bowing curve associated with trailers made with a box section chassis is reduced. These formed and folded bodies provide the strength to with stand the beet heap. Interlocking side posts which are fitted through the floor members and welded at the lowest point add massive strength to the sides.

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