Amazone Sprayers

Amazone offer a comprehensive range of premium crop protection technology with its range of sprayers, from the mounted UF range, to the trailed models UG and UX to the massive UX11200 with a capacity of 12,000 litres and boom widths up to 40m and not forgetting the flagship self-propelled Panterra 4502 high output and high clearance applications up to 40 meters.

UF - Mounted

The compact UF mounted sprayer, with tank capacities from 900 to 1,800 litres, is characterised by its strong, robust construction yet lightweight design. With a choice of Q-Plus, Super-S1 or Super-S2 booms, and in boom widths from 12 to 30 m, the UF is a machine that caters for a wide ranging size of farm.

UG - Trailed

The 2,200 and 3,000 litre UG trailed sprayer is characterised by its robust and operator-friendly design.
With its Super-S2 boom or, from choice, the Super-L1 boom in working widths of 15 to 28 m, it is an
especially efficient machine.

UX - Trailed

UX trailed sprayers, in tank capacities from 3,200 to 11,200 litres are characterised by their robust and operator-friendly design. Equipped with either Super-S2 or Super-L2 sprayer booms, and in working widths from 15 to 40 m, the UX models offer the highest of efficiency

The UX 11200 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank volume of 11,200 litres, can cope easily with the high pressure to cover the acres. With the Super-L2 sprayer boom, in working widths from 24 to 40 m and its triple pump system, with a fill capacity of 900 l/min, it is perfectly suited both for enterprises with large field sizes and also for crops with particularly high application rates.

Panterra – Self Propelled

The Pantera 4502 self-propelled sprayer features a tank volume of 4,500 l and is available with the Super-L2 sprayer boom in working widths of 21 to 40 m. Thanks to the wide variety of chassis types; Pantera, Pantera-W and Pantera-H, different demands with regard to track width and ground clearance can be fulfilled. This is especially beneficial to agricultural contractors and larger farms.

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